Sustainability is a Scam.

Sustainability is a Scam.

Apr 24, 2024

Aloha EveryOne,

this article might ruffle some feathers. Please know that this is meant as a gentle wake up call.

Let's be real, folks. The whole sustainability movement is little more than a well-orchestrated scam, with millions of well intentioned beautiful people caught up in a lie. For far too long, we've been brainwashed by the powers that were, from the UN and WHO to the WEF and their puppet masters like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and even the Pope. They've been using mass media to install beliefs in our minds such as WE are the problem, that WE are responsible for destroying the planet, and that WE need to embrace sustainability to make things right. Well, I'm here to call out the truth and tell you that sustainability is a misleading and dis-empowering paradigm, and it's time to wake up and replace it something better. 🚨

First and foremost, let's get one thing straight: reducing the damage we cause is not the same as doing good. The entire premise of sustainability is based on the idea that if we can just minimize our negative impact and achieve some mythical "zero impact" state, everything will be sunshine and rainbows. But that's not true. The planet is already in dire straits, and simply doing less bad is not going to magically undo the centuries of harm inflicted. Just like reducing your spending is not getting your bank account out of debt. Reducing our footprint is not magically improving the world. If we truly want to make a difference and see real change, we need to go from a net negative society to a towards a net positive one.

Secondly, the notion that we, the consumers, are the ones causing the problem is a blatant manipulation tactic. The system is rigged against consumers, forcing us to make "wrong choices" and then having the audacity to point the finger at us for the consequences. Take the chemical farming industry, for instance. Many consumers know it's poisoning our ecosystems and our bodies, but what real alternatives do most people have? It's either buy the toxic products or go bankrupt trying to afford organic options that come with a hefty price tag. πŸ’Έ The truth is, most people don't have the luxury of "voting with their wallet" when they're already struggling to make ends meet. It is simply not true that WE are causing the destruction. Did YOU allow toxic products to be sold in our supermarkets? Did YOU decide to prohibit or slander 100% effective natural cures? Did YOU mislead millions into thinking highly processed packaged poisons are "food" okay for human consumption? Did YOU decide to permit chemical farming and glyphosate? Did YOU decide on the Vaccine Schedule for Kids? πŸ’‰ Did you permit massive geo engineering efforts? Well I didn’t think so. VERY LIKELY you had nothing to do with any of these things, yet you are being blamed. This is hypocrisy.

Thirdly, the idea that sustainability should come at a premium is not only morally bankrupt but also economically ignorant. How can we expect widespread adoption of a system when it's financially inaccessible to the majority of people? If what is needed is to morally or consciously make better choices, then we are always going to leave most of humanity behind that are currently incapable of making better choices. If we want genuine change, the new options need to be equally affordable but actually superior to their conventional counterparts. It's basic economics: for a new system to replace an old one, it needs to offer more value, not just a higher price tag. πŸ“ˆ Sustainability, as it stands now, is nothing more than a feel-good label (which has cost billions to establish in our minds) slapped onto products that for the most part does not create any real change and merely serves to assuage the guilt of the privileged few who can afford them. πŸ›οΈ

The harsh reality is that sustainability is a dangerously disempowering belief that keeps us trapped in a cycle of guilt, blame, and inaction. 🎒 It's like we're all aboard a car barreling towards a cliff, and we are being told to slow down from 200 mph to 160 mph. πŸš—πŸ’¨ Is this really going to do us any good? Is this solving the issue? No. ❌ We need a real change of direction. πŸ”„

✨Sustainability is not and can never be a real way forward. This is where Net Positivity comes in. Net Positivity is about creating a world where we don't just aim to be "less bad," but actively heal, and improve upon the status quo. 🌿 It's about recognizing that we have the vast power and can make far greater positive than negative impacts πŸ’ͺ Net Positivity is a new Paradigm. It is a fresh way of thinking and acting. It is a way to apply real practical common sense solutions, which are highly economically viable, attractive and rewarding.

In my upcoming article, I'll delve into the nitty-gritty of what Net Positivity looks like in practice and how we can all start embracing this transformative mindset. 🧠 But for now, I want you to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself: are you content being a pawn in the sustainability scam, or are you ready to become a champion in the Net Positivity Revolution? πŸ€”

The choice is yours, the stakes couldn't be higher. βš–οΈ It's time to reject the lie of sustainability and demand a future built on the principles of Net Positivity. 🌍 Our planet, our communities, and our very existence depend on it. Let's stop settling for crumbs and start building the whole damn bakery. 🍞 The Net Positivity Revolution has started. Are you in? πŸ”₯

Please let me know in the Comments what you think. I want to hear from you!

Many Blessings and Much Love,

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