Plastic Net Positivity and how to get there

Plastic Net Positivity and how to get there

Apr 12, 2024

Aloha EveryOne!

Thus far, we've explored what Net Positivity is and looked at why Sustainability is a Scam. But you might be wondering, "How does this make an actual difference in the world?" Let's dive into a concrete example: plastic.

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The Plastic Problem

We face an undeniable plastic crisis. In 2022 alone, industry churned out approximately 400 MILLION metric tons of plastic1. Assuming a global population of 8 billion (a figure that likely requires further scrutiny), each person (careful; very crude approximation) on average, accounts for about 50kg (110 lbs) of waste plastic annually. Just trying to give you a sense of proportion. And of course this DOES matter, because it affects all living things. Plastic degenerates into microplastics, causing cancer and bio hazards, unleashing incredible devastation on our ecosystems.

The Sustainable "Solution"

In the past few years, we have heard one phrase over, and over, and over again, until we actually believed was true: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. It defies logic. Let me show you why.


According to the Sustainability Framework, the aim is to minimize plastic's negative impact and reduce its existence to the lowest possible (sustainable) amount using "reduce, reuse, recycle" as the strategy. THE ONLY way to achieve this would be a global 100% recycling rate.
This is absurd, as it would require collecting every last piece of plastic ever emitted across all countries, households, businesses, and products. Not a single piece of plastic could ever be thrown away, EVER. Plastic spills are inevitable, like during a hurricane hitting a coastal town. A 100% recycling rate is hence practically as unattainable as having 100% of all toddlers tidy up their rooms every day. You can put an immense effort into it, but it will never happen.

But if we could somehow make it happen, then the theory suggests there would be enough plastic in circulation, and manufacturers would use recycled instead of new plastics, maintaining a stable amount and declaring it "sustainable." WRONG!
Let's see how this construct crumbles under the slightest critical thinking.

FIRSTLY, achieving a 100% recycling rate is impossible, and we will continue to leach plastics into ecosystems. It is unavoidable. We can’t avoid people throwing away plastic. IN FACT plastic production increases year by year, AND the global recycling rate is a mere 10% - even after years of sustainability propaganda. When you recycle, you give your plastic a 90% chance of ending up in landfills in the "next cycle". Eventually - unavoidably - it will become waste.

SECONDLY, plastic can only be recycled 2 to 3 times2 before becoming too weak for reuse, making waste creation unavoidable. New plastic production will always be required. End of story. Plastic recycling is dead on arrival, unlike aluminum or glass, which can be recycled indefinitely without quality loss.

THIRDLY, virgin PET is often cheaper to produce than recycled PET due to the chemicals and costs involved in recycling. This creates an incentive for producers to use virgin plastics instead of recycled ones.
The Sustainability Math doesn't add up and defies logic. Plastic can't be recycled indefinitely, the recycling rate can't get even close to 100%, and there's a financial incentive NOT to recycle in the first place.
This is how you can spot a fake solution.

1. It does not really solve the issue.

2. It costs to "fix the issue".

The Net Positive Solution

Let’s look at the Net Positivity Framework instead; what does it suggest? To maximize the Net Positive Impact. Don’t stop at reducing plastic emissions (Negative Impact), ELIMINATE MORE THAN YOU EMIT (Positive Impact).


How? There are plenty of ways to achieve this, one I like a lot is called "Pyrolysis". You see, plastic is actually a derivative of crude oil. It is a derivative of petrochemicals. Plastics are long hydrocarbon chains, which dissolve - when locked into an Anaerobic Container (no Oxygen) and heated up. Plastic CONVERTS into Gasoline, Diesel and Paraffin, all of which are very valuable commodities. Not all plastics are created equal, some plastics are actually laden with toxins. This makes the process more complicated, but it still works.

Wait, wait, wait, are you saying that plastic can be converted into, NOT PLASTIC? Yes! That is exactly what I am saying. We can indeed convert plastic into many non hazardous and even valuable derivatives, hence eliminating plastic from the face of the earth. This is the first part of the Net Positive Solution.

Here is the second (and last) part: We partner with brands that emit plastics via their products. Let's say a brand that sells bottled water. Sweet! We give them a LABEL which reads "Plastic Positive", which they can put onto their products and AT PURCHASE, the buyer is causing the elimination of 2 bottle equivalents of plastic. Neither she nor the brand had to do anything physical. They pay 2 cts and we eliminate two bottle equivalents worth of plastic. DONE.

Result: 1 bottle emitted, 2 bottles eliminated. The world is better than before.


Increased Business Value

The brand gains considerable brand and marketing value, since they switched from “villains” to “heros” = gold. The product provides considerably higher value, because it makes the client “feel better” and of course the PLANET gets measurably improved.

As long as the plastic positive brand receives more than 2 cts per bottle worth of brand and product value (very, very likely), they will be making MORE MONEY than before. More Client Satisfaction. Better Marketing Position. Better Stakeholder Relations. Higher Product Value. PLUS the Planet is measurably IMPROVING in its battle against plastic.
Plastic Positivity is a no-brainer for everyone involved.

This TINY SHIFT is all it takes

Imagine every bottle in the world would be sold with a "Plastic Positive" Label. With roughly 600 Billion bottles3 produced each year that amounts to roughly 18 MILLION Tons of new plastic each year. WITH THIS LABEL, the Net Effect of our Actions, would be the Net Elimination of 18M Tons worth of bottles from the Worlds Eco Systems - each year. We would in fact have less bottles in the world for each year moving forward. We would start eliminating bottles from the Oceans and dig them up from Landfills. Until we would run out of bottles!

Crazy amazing, isn’t it?
We go from Net Polluters to Net Improvers. Villains to Heroes.

This can be applied to ANY plastic product AND at ANY Impact factor from 2X to 3X, 10X, or even higher, eliminating a multiple of the plastic you emit and go from Hero to Superhero.

The villains of plastic, can become the heroes of the Net Positive Revolution.

The hallmarks of a net positive solution

1. It solves the problem.

2. It increases value while doing so.

Make a Difference

You might think: “Oh well, that’s a great Idea, but who is actually doing this? I have never heard of any Plastic Positive Company. I would totally support it, but it’s just an idea, right? Where is the implementation?”

For exactly that purpose, we have created a Non-Profit called It is launching on April the 27th 2024. You can already register to stay connected.

It helps Companies go from villain to hero. It creates brand and product value by making them plastic positive. Individuals can use it too.

It costs roughly 2cts to make a 30g bottle net plastic positive.

It costs $33 to turn 55 Kgs (121 lbs) of plastic waste into 55Kg less plastic on the planet. Want to BE Plastic Positive? Now you can.

Imagine this: ZERO guilt for using plastic. Instead, thrive in the knowledge that your EXISTENCE is actively reducing the amount of plastic in the world. I know this can seem like a stretch of the mind, but it is true.

Visit to learn more. Donation purchases are tax-deductible.

Together we can make this Planet Plastic Positive. Let’s make it happen!
Please let us know your thoughts! Was this helpful? Do you run a business and would like to know more? Reach out! We want to hear from you!

The Future is Positive!
Many Blessings,

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P.P.S.: This hopefully illustrates the amazing power of Net Positivity. Similar principles can be applied to climate, water, biodiversity, health, parenting, relationships, real estate and even politics and many more. It can change the World. It can put us on a winning path out of this mess and way beyond. It is really that powerful! We will discuss this and more in upcoming articles!

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