Net Positive Village

Net Positive Village

Apr 24, 2024

Aloha EveryOne,

The world is facing an unprecedented set of challenges. Our once-thriving ecosystems are under heavy assault. Totalitarianism is trying to get a strangle hold on free and sovereign humanity, breeding division and unrest. Many (if not most) are facing bleak prospects for a life of true fulfillment and prosperity - or so they think! The strategies we have been told to employ, are not yielding the required results (read Sustainability is a Scam). We need a radically new approach. We need Net Positivity.

The building block of society is the Village. Hence if we can prove its possible to build a Net Positive Village (NPV), we prove its possible to build Net Positive Society. Yet there is not a single 100% sustainable settlement in western civilization right now. This is why, NPV represents a major achievement for humanity. A significant step toward a higher state of collective awareness. Net Positive Village, acts as a lighthouse of hope for all of humanity.

For millennia, humans have lived in villages and thrived. Not anymore it seems. The modern world has removed most of us from tight knit, purposeful coexistence in harmony with nature. We all feel it on some level, something is very OFF. A deep sense of disconnectedness and individual powerlessness has settled into our individual and collective psyche. No career, no amount of money and no number of followers on social media is going to fix this for us.

What we need is a place where the individual is empowered to THRIVE. Where we live and work along side nature instead of against it. Where we understand that MY SUCCESS does not depend on YOUR FAILURE, but where we recognize that INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS is created by surrounding ourselves with other EMPOWERED BEINGS. Where we see abundance and potential all around us. Where NET POSITIVITY (the entire village creating more positive impacts than negative) is a reality. A PRACTICAL and MEASURABLE REALITY.

This place is being built RIGHT NOW. It's called the Net Positive Village and you can become a part of one.

Let me show you how it works. In the Net Positive Village (NPV) all core areas of life are set up to be net positive. What does this mean? It means the Village:

Generates more healthy food than it needs (Net Positive Food). Not only does it feed the entire village, but it improves the surrounding (and global) food availability and production systems.

It eliminates more Waste than it creates (read Plastic Net Positivity as an Example) and it produces more Energy than it requires (Net Positive Energy) Eliminating waste, while generating valuable resources. Neat, isn’t it?

Provides world class Education unmatched in scope and in quality (Net Positive Education). Where Students can learn anything from Life Skills, running Net Positive Businesses, growing Net Positive Food, to building Net Positive Buildings. Graduates are equipped with the net positive skills to succeed at life.

Allows Villagers to govern themselves using Idea Meritocratic Principles (Net Positive Governance). Where good ideas from any villager are tested for merit. Where all decisions affect all decision makers (skin in the game) and where no decision can violate Villager Freedoms.

Has a strong focus on highly-profitable, net positive businesses (Net Positive Business). Businesses that not only generate financial abundance, but also add to the Net Positivity of their environment. Of course there are ample opportunities for Villagers to learn & participate. The Village is a place where financial, social, emotional, health, business and production skills are taught from a young age.

Leverages group investments, shared resources and group purchases to ensure individual access to greater opportunities (Net Positive Syndication). Where the wisdom and financial strengths of the group is used to empower the individual. All while guaranteeing individual sovereignty at all times.

Builds houses that not only are more affordable and faster to build, stronger and more versatile than conventional buildings, but also enhance the environment and its inhabitants (Net Positive Building). Villagers have access to a HIGHER quality of life at a LOWER than average cost. Check out as an example.

I know, these claims might seem outrageous to some. I can guarantee they are not. Reach out if you have doubts. Our approach is completely logical, practical and feasible. Indeed, at this peculiar point of human evolution, you could arguably say it is even a necessity. We are already building much of this right now. Please register at to stay in touch and get updates on the progress.

The Benefits of NPV compared to "normal life"

  • Improved health and well-being through access to clean air, water, and nutrient-dense food as well as efficacious vitality practices.
  • Stronger social connections and a sense of belonging in a supportive community of like minded individuals.
  • Opportunities for meaningful work and personal fulfillment in a purpose-driven economy in highly profitable, highly impactful business ventures.
  • Higher resilience by association with like-minded individuals (in your village and beyond).
  • Freedom to be yourself without sacrificing individuality to the "commune".

The Ripple Effect of Net Positive Villages

  • As more communities replace “Sustainability” with “Net Positivity”, a global network of highly resilient, interconnected and net positive communities, businesses and individuals emerges.
  • This network facilitates the exchange of knowledge, resources, and best practices.
  • The success of Net Positive Villages as a lighthouse for humanity, inspires a shift in consciousness and a re-imagining of what is possible.

The Path Forward

  • The Net Positive Village is not just a utopian dream, but a practical, achievable reality - today. In fact it is the only logical way forward.
  • By supporting the development of Net Positive Villages, we actively help create a better, freer, more prosperous, and net positive World. An empowering blueprint for all sentient beings.
  • We invite you to join the movement and dare to build the world you can imagine.


  • The Net Positive Village represents a paradigm shift in how we design and live in our communities.
  • The principles of Freedom, Prosperity, and Net Positivity create a world that works for everyone.
  • The future is ours to create. Are you stepping up?

Visit to learn more about this transformative project and how you can get involved. Together, we can build a brighter, more abundant future for ourselves, future generations and all sentient beings.

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Until Next Time.
Go and build Paradise!
Love, Dirk

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